The Jazz man

“I was hugely impressed with Crespo’s playing throughout the set, his tone rich and burnished, his playing assured and fluent...Again the standard of singing and playing was commendably high with May, Jones, Crespo and Tavares arguably the most impressive formers.” - Ian Mann Top UK Jazz Reviewer”

These guys have the chops and imagination to take the standards repertoire into another dimension, to turn what could have been a very ordinary set into something special.

the pomegranate

“The Jonathan Crespo quartet has never failed to deliver an outstanding set of live jazz music. His tone and technical ability shines through and the energy of the quartet engages with our customers creating an atmosphere hard to find in modern jazz clubs. ”


citysound publications

The atmosphere in Café Jazz was one of warmth, enjoyment, laughter, and pure musical entertainment. Front man Jon Crespo joked between songs, making us all feel right at home. Each member of this quartet is extremely talented and I was blown away by how effortlessly they play.  This is a night not to be missed!

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Trumpeter Jon Crespo and his quartet produced multifarious sounds at their Black Mountain Jazz gig in Abergavenny.